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remember that time Paris Hilton made fun oh herself on Supernatural


this actually happened

Hold up, wait a minute, let me explain y’all a thing.

So a few years ago, I was involved with the press release for REPO! The Genetic Opera, a cult rock opera movie that Paris was actually a part of.  I worked with Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich on a few press packets and we had a lot of good conversations about the casting.  Specifically Paris.

During one of the press conferences, a reporter pointed out something to the effect of, “You were cast as Amber Sweet, an heiress to this REPO company, a spoiled brat, a drug addled addict, and a disappointment to her family.  How did you draw on your personal life to influence your playing this character?”

Naturally the boys were LIVID.  They’d gotten to know what they described as “the real Paris”, the Paris behind the stupid videos and the sex scandals; a remarkably bright, misunderstood woman who had come into her own.  However, she was more than willing to answer for herself.

Her answer was that she felt connected to Amber in that Amber comes from a powerful family who, despite her cries for help, is going to always be recognized as a disappointment and a socialite.  She said, “I really drew on the idea that she had a father that was never going to love her, and she didn’t know how to deal with that.  And in some ways, I feel like that’s something everyone can relate to.”

Paris Hilton isn’t as shallow and vapid as everyone thinks.  And she’s far more self-aware than we give her credit for.

A couple years ago, one of my friends met her and said she was really quiet and nice and if you say that you like something she has, she totally just gives it to you. And apparently she’s really well read and super into Austinian lit.

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yes yes it is now here and i am now the doctor aka the swagtor (i don’t know why my one hand is blurry most likely because i moved it but ayyee)

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so my sisters friend is knitting a sweater for the light post outside of her house.

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only in Canada would you find ads about homosexual rape on a bus.

oh shit it’s calgary transit on tumblr

oh my god this is on the buses in my city, go Calgary

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remember in hannah montana the movie when a whole town found out she was miley stewart and they all just agreed to keep it a secret yea tht was bs

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